View Full Version : Order your cubes in Holland here

06-29-12, 01:26 pm
Finally I've found a website were you can order the cubes you need for building a C&C cage. I've been looking for ages to build a cage for my hedgehog and came across this forum, I saw a lot of people had trouble finding them so I thought to share. Here's the link: Draad Opberg Kubus - De Leestafel Tijdschriften (http://www.deleestafel.nl/shop/tijdschrift-accessoires/tijdschriftenrekken/draad-opberg-kubus.aspx)
They cost 29,95 E (you'll get 20 grids).

09-19-12, 08:07 am
Thank you so much! I'm gonna check the site right away!