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03-05-02, 02:06 pm
Hey...Let me start by saying I have 9 piggies(3 sows, 2 boars, and 4 babies who were just born recently so I can't tell yet.) Right now two of the females are housed together and the other female is with her four babies, the males are each in separate cages. In an ideal situation the males would be fixed and all the piggies would be in one giant cage, but even if both the males were fixed the mother pig doesn't get along with one of the other girls, so finally my first question...if I make a big cage but have it divided into sections will the piggies be biting the bars trying to get to each other, because in my experience(I used to have cube cages with under the bed boxes)they have tried. Also, how sturdy is it to have the cage sitting(attached) on other cubes as a base so they aren't on the floor? If dividing a big cage up is a good idea, how should I go about it?( i would like to do something like leave the 2 females together, get both the males fixed and put the one with the mother and the other with 2 of the babies that are girls-a friend is taking the other two) Sorry for rambling on, I'm just not sure how I should set up my cage(s)...thanks, Kelly
PS-I LOVE the site