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06-20-12, 02:16 am
I have watched my 5 year old boar, Henry do some scary stuff, to the point it's actually made me cry because I thought he was leaving me.
His recent scary activity is moving kind of choppy. He was at one point ramming into the cage for no reason. I couldn't see if he was headbutting it or not, but he was hitting it very hard and moving jerkily. I'm concerned about him, but I'm positive my mom won't take him to the vet,again ( He's been sick with a bacteria infection he contracted from a piggie I got from PetSmart, the little black one in my avatar is him, he lived for 7 days with me)
Anyhow, I'd like some advice or knowledge of what my pig is doing so he'll stop scaring the crap out of me at night( which is when he's up to these odd antics.)
I'd also would like to know if there's any tips on caring for a senior pig.

Many thanks
spritrain180 & Henry

06-20-12, 06:21 am
It's possible that he still has the infection -- an ear infection could cause the behavior you mention. Or he could have some neurological problem, like a stroke.

He needs to see a vet, because if it's a bacterial infection, it could be treated. A stroke, not so much.

Can you offer to pay part of the vet bill? Or do some extra work for your mom in exchange for taking him to the vet? Pets depend on us for all their care, and it's not fair to them to let them suffer if it can be avoided.

Several posters on here have or have had older pigs, and they may have some tips for you. One of the main things to watch out for is impaction. You can read http://www.guinealynx.info/impaction.html, and here's a video on how to clean him out: medical :: Sac cleaning video by brimstone_photo - Photobucket (http://s226.photobucket.com/albums/dd124/brimstone_photo/Pet%20Photos/medical/?action=view&current=100_7765.mp4).

06-20-12, 07:32 am
Last October is when he contracted the infection. He hasn't shown an sign of illness. He's been twitchy lately as well.
I Also forgot to note when I got up to investigate Henry's..banging,I spoke sweetly to him and approached his cage and he stopped to watch me for a second, then walked off to the water bottle.

Thanks for your opinion, and i'll defiantly see if I can talk to mom about taking him to the vet.