View Full Version : Urine Pepper's bottom is dirty!

06-17-12, 07:38 pm
Pepper is aprrox. 3 years old. Since I have switched to fleece bedding, I've noticed that Pepper's bottom is dirty, like she is peeing on herself. I dunno if she is sitting in her pee or the fleece isn't wicking it away (no problems with the other pigs). I have noticed no other weird problems or behaviors. She stills eats and drinks normally and her stool is normal. I don't notice any blood either. Just her bottom and hind legs. I vaccuum their cage everyday and changed the fleece and towels about once a week. The fleece stays dry and doesn't smell until day 5 or 6.

Anyone else have experience with this? Any recommendations on what I should do? (diet, etc.) before I consult a vet? (Cavy vets are rediculously expensive!) I also gave both Pepper and Molly a full check up 6 months ago- both in prefect health, except Pepper is on the heavier size.

06-17-12, 08:03 pm
I have the same problem with my female, Jasmine, but the other two females are not like that. I think she just likes to sit in her pee before it has a chance to get soaked up. I really don't think it's anything to be concerned about and I certainly don't think a vet visit would be called for.

06-17-12, 08:13 pm
Oh good! This definitely makes me feel better! She has always been a little odd :P

06-18-12, 10:58 am
You can put pads under where she likes to hang out most of the time and change them out daily.

Has she been losing any weight at all? I'd weigh her daily for a bit. Sometimes pigs with constant wet bottoms are coming down with urinary tract problems. And pigs who are constantly wet underneath can start to develop urine scald. Is there any redness?

06-18-12, 12:45 pm
I don't see any redness or anything that looks infected. I should probably weigh her daily, since she is already a overweight.

06-18-12, 05:08 pm
Amy will sometimes sit in her pee in her playpen during floor time, so I guess some piggies do it. I line the playpen with newspaper and have learned to watch carefully and change it out as soon as she pees. Otherwise, if it's in her pigloo she has in her pen or in her favorite hang-out corner, she'll sit there and get wet.

06-18-12, 07:04 pm
I read that signs of diabetes can be sudden development of cataracts, frequent wet bottom and frequent UTI. Well, over the past few weeks I have noticed her eyes have been getting a blue tint to them (like becoming cloudy) and her bottom is wet. But I have not noticed any signs of a UTI. She seems normal otherwise.