View Full Version : Fleece Somebody Help me With finding Fleece?

06-14-12, 02:46 pm
ok so then i originally bough 3yrs of fleece. it was last month or month before
so today i decide to get more since i kept washing the 3 piece of fleece. there was a fabric store 1 block away from where i live so today i went there and then i asked them if you have anymore fleece they said they don't sell anymore(probably because is summer)....
so can somebody help me find a fabric store :O?
i live in New York 10029
THANKS i haven't clean their cage for 2 weeks and their peeing/poop in the coroplast T_T becuase parents don't let me wash it in the machine

06-14-12, 02:49 pm
I dont know if you have a joanns around you. If you can get there, they are having a sale on fleece.
Good luck.

06-14-12, 02:54 pm
Shake your fleece outside, wash it in the washer with one cup vinegar and laundry detergent and then run an empty load with a cup of vinegar to disinfect the washer.

06-14-12, 02:55 pm
if you cant wash fleece, why dont you switch to other bedding like Carefresh or aspen shavings. As said Joann's is having a sale

06-14-12, 03:00 pm
y (http://www.joann.com/fabric/fleece-fabric/)ou mean this?

06-14-12, 03:08 pm
This: blizzard fleece : fleece fabric : fabric : Shop | Joann.com (http://www.joann.com/fabric/fleece-fabric/blizzard-fleece/)
$3.99 per yard.

06-14-12, 03:14 pm
Yes, thats the one 3.99 a yd

06-14-12, 03:14 pm
This: blizzard fleece : fleece fabric : fabric : Shop | Joann.com (http://www.joann.com/fabric/fleece-fabric/blizzard-fleece/)
$3.99 per yard.
forget it it cost $5 for shipping so its like paying the original price T_T
i bought 1yrd for like $2

06-14-12, 03:55 pm
Can you switch them to other bedding for now? Living on dirty fleece for 2 weeks is probably not good for them.

06-14-12, 04:08 pm
so can somebody help me find a fabric store

Hmmm.......have you tried to find fabric stores? You won't likely find a JoAnn Fabrics in NYC, but there literally are dozens of others if you do a search for them.

I simply typed in "fabric stores in NYC" and came up with several hits. Here's just one of them:

Fabric Stores in New York, NY on Yahoo! Local (http://local.yahoo.com/NY/New+York/Retail+Shopping/Arts+Crafts/Fabric+Stores)

Sounds to me as though you should consider a disposable bedding. By leaving your cavies on the same dirty bedding for two weeks, you are setting them up for all kind of problems.

06-14-12, 04:15 pm
There's a Joann in NJ. It's 16 miles from your zip code 10029.
30 A & S Drive
Paramus, NJ 07652
(201) 444-7926

If your mom doesn't allow you to wash fleece, it's probably better to switch to disposable bedding.
You could also wash by hand, but that takes much longer.