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Squeeky Piggies
06-22-05, 04:20 am
I can't even tell you how happy I am to have found this site!! It really puts my mind to ease to know that I am not alone in letting these furry little squeekers run my life!

We have 5 piggies right now and more on the way! Currently we have 4 males and 1 female. Homer,Moe,Pork Pork, Sally....male but living his life as a female, and Bunny.

Bunny is *sigh... Preggers again. This will be her 3rd litter. Seems like everytime she has a "playdate" with the other piggies we wind up with more piggies! The neighborhood kids LOVE it though. They have so much fun as we "interview" families for adoption.

Well...I'm gonna go look around at the site. I am just LOVING it here, Tina.

06-22-05, 05:41 am
Just so you know this site is really against intentional breeding.

Welcome to the site.

06-22-05, 06:14 am
When you say "Bunny is *sigh... Preggers again." Is that showing that you are sad that she is pregger again? If it is there is an easier way to prevent her getting preggie again. Don't put the males and her together! Like Dag said this forum is very against intentional breeding. Please do not breed Bunny again. Instead adopt her a same sex friend to play with not a male that will keep getting her preggie.

06-22-05, 06:25 am
Welcome!! There are a many people here with lots of knowledge to share.
And we all love our guinea pigs.

06-22-05, 07:06 am
Welcome to the site!

Squeeky Piggies
06-22-05, 10:38 am
Hello :)

Just a follow up.... I didn't intentionally allow Bunny to get preggers... they just did thier piggie thing and ... well ya know. I don't breed them for money etc. I really feel bad for her. I will be sure that she does not get preggers again! I am NOT sad that she is and defineltly NOT mad about it ... the *sigh was for the whole process of feeling bad for her all over again.

We are a very nice family with happy healthy piggies. I didn't mean to come off as a monster. Thanks for the welcome. :)

Slap Maxwell
06-22-05, 10:50 am
Sorry, but you intentionally bred her. It is common sence that when you put an unneutered pair together they will make babies.

How old is she?

06-22-05, 10:51 am
Bunny is *sigh... Preggers again. This will be her 3rd litter. Seems like everytime she has a "playdate" with the other piggies we wind up with more piggies! The neighborhood kids LOVE it though. They have so much fun as we "interview" families for adoption.

No one is saying you're a monster, but you are doing something that common sense should tell you could be avoided. Unneutered male + unspayed female x 2 seconds = "unplanned" litter. Whether or not you intended for it to happen, you had to know it was a possibility if they were together for a "playdate."
We're all hoping "third time's the charm" and you will take the appropriate steps (SPAYING) to avoid having this happen again, before you run out of folks to interview for adoption. I know you feel badly for Bunny, but I hope just a little bit of that is guilt for knowing you could have prevented her discomfort.

Welcome to the site, you'll find lots of folks here very helpful, both with the pregnancy and the prevention! :)

Slap Maxwell
06-22-05, 10:55 am
Read this, as well: http://cavyspirit.com/breeding.htm

06-22-05, 11:37 am
welcome :)

I would tell you about what they're saying, but I've figured you've gotten enough information. :)

Squeeky Piggies
06-22-05, 11:41 am
last post here... thanks guys finding new site :)

06-22-05, 02:37 pm
Please stay, we don't think you are a bad person.. you just need to learn why we are soo against breeding. Did you read any of the links? Have you been to www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com) and seen how many homeless guinea pigs there already are? Do you know that everytime you give you piggy a "playdate" she has a 20% chance of dying? YOu could get her spayyed for anywhere from 75-a couple hundred dollars and her playdates would be competely safe. We aren't trying to scare you away, we just want you to learn.

06-22-05, 03:05 pm
Dags is right. We don't want you to leave, and we're not trying to make you feel bad. We know you can't undo what's already done. But we CAN help you make Bunny's life easier and improve the lives of ALL your piggers. Just stick around, keep reading, and by all means ASK QUESTIONS! I and lots of people much, much more knowledgable than I would love to help you!!

Again, welcome, and please stick around!! :)

Squeeky Piggies
06-22-05, 03:13 pm
Thanks for the kind words. I do appreciate you trying to "teach" me about not breeding etc. I am new to this site BUT not new to piggies. I have had a total of 35 piggies now that have had very happy healthy lives. I did not just recently "stumble" into the local Petco and walk out with a over crammed piggy that is lacking in nutrition and full of ear bites due to piggies fighting from lack of room in the cages. I do NOT breed them, my family and I just love these lil guys.

This morning after my hubby left for work i started playing around on the computer while my piggies were having thier morning veggies. I was more than excited to find a site that seemed to care very much about thier piggies. Not only was I impressed by the sense of caring but i was also impressed by the way that you all took on the role as teacher to some of the very young and new piggy owners posting here.

There are MANY other sites out there with misinformation etc. I would like to stay here but do not want to be jumped all over because my female pig is preggers. I am a grown woman with children(Non hairy & hairy!) and do not want to feel like a child when just looking for people who share a passion compatable with mine.

ANYWAY: here I am ... introducing myself like i tried to this morning....

My name is Tina.
I have 2 hairless children ... Christie and Brandon
I have 5 hairy children...Homer, Moe, Bunny, Pork pork and Sally(male but living his life as a female).
I live in Ohio

Have a wonderful evening :)

06-22-05, 05:30 pm
. I do NOT breed them, my family and I just love these lil guys.
I am a grown woman with children(Non hairy & hairy!)

If you are a grown woman, you know what breeding means, you know that male+females= babies, if you continually put your male and females together you ARE breeding, whether or not you are doing it for money or not, you are taking away homes from lots of shelter animals. By breeding (giving 'playdates') you are putting your sows life at risk and KILLING shelter animals. It is as simple as that. Don't breed or buy while shelter animals die.

I'm not yelling at you or scolding you, but there is no way you will EVER convince me that you aren't a breeder after you sow has been pregnant three times and you don't do anything to stop it.

06-22-05, 05:45 pm
Allright folks. Time to take a deep breath and back off a bit.

It sounds to me that this Pregnancy was blunder. I don't think it was intentional. I think it was caused by a momentary lapse of judgement.

Harping on the subject will not cause the pregnancy to go away. I'm sure Squeeky "gets the point". Let's allow Squeeky time to settle in and catch up on the posts and website.

Welcome to the forums Squeeky. I hope you will stay around. We can get passionate sometimes because we are all trying to better the lives and treatment of animals here. I'm sure you can understand that and hopefully move past the rough start.

06-22-05, 06:58 pm
Another Ohioan! Welcome Squeeky. Please stick around. We don't all bite!