View Full Version : Question about Tubs

03-19-02, 04:37 pm
I saw that you should not use the tubs and i was wondering what if you make a tunnel connecting to another tub? will it be big enough??? thank you.

03-19-02, 08:22 pm
That's a compromise. If you want or need to compromise, then a tunnel to another tub is better than nothing. I recommend just cutting down the middle of both sides and creating a minimum 8" walkway between cages. Put something under the gap to prevent bedding spillage.

The best solution is toss the tubs. Spend the time and effort to find a sheet of Coroplast and make one larger space. $10 to $20. About the same as the price of two tubs or less.

Also, the tub shouldn't be much over 10" high. And it should be pretty big to start with.