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Slap Maxwell
06-21-05, 08:46 am
My profile picture won't change when I try an upload a new one. I tried deleting it, and then uploading it, but the old picture keeps coming up.

06-21-05, 12:33 pm
Maybe it's because the current one is so darn funny.

On a serious note why don't you just rename the old one and upload the new one with the old ones name? Where are you hosting your images? Do you have the permissions required to rename?

Edit: I can't remember if your profile pic is a link or if you upload it directly to cavy cages. Ignore my rambling if it's directly uploaded to this site like the cage photos are.

Slap Maxwell
06-21-05, 12:36 pm
It is uploaded to Cavy Cages, I am not hosting it anywhere.

I have tried uploading it through a URL and uploading it through the site.

06-21-05, 01:23 pm
I can host it for you, if that helps. Just e-mail it to me and I'll e-mail you back the URL.

Slap Maxwell
06-22-05, 07:17 pm
I did end up getting it to work. Thank you.