View Full Version : Urine ?

06-05-12, 01:54 pm
My guinea pig Peaches had something white and slimy on her bottom. gross! I wiped it off (even nastier than it sounds). What was it? Will she be Ok? She still eats and drinks ,but I don't know it I should be worried. please respond, Peacheshershey.

06-05-12, 02:11 pm
Actually never mind she appears fine

06-05-12, 02:18 pm
Was it coming out of her, or was there just a glob on her fur in the back?

06-05-12, 02:24 pm
Females lose a mucus plug when they come into heat -- that's a likely possibility.

06-05-12, 02:28 pm
It was white slime stuck to her rear end but after I wiped it off she got better I was just worried That's why I posted this thread but n
ow it's okay.thanks for you concern -peacheshershey :)

06-05-12, 02:30 pm
Thanks bpatters that's probably what it was. I'm a little new to guinea pigs as i'v only had Peaches since december 2011 she is my 1st piggie