View Full Version : Anyone looking for guinea pigs in NC?

06-04-12, 02:58 pm
I have 6 guinea pigs. Almost all came from people who did not want to care for them. Plus, one should have babies anytime. Unfortunately she came to me pregnant. (My male / female pigs are in separate rooms.) Some of the boys were malnourished when I took them in, but everyone is healthy now. Two are still young. I don't want to part with any of them, but I do have to downsize. So, if you are in the NC triangle and looking for guinea pigs, you can send me a private message. I need a picture of your cage, brief info about your GP knowledge / experience concerning husbandry. And if I think you are a good candidate, I will send you pics and hopefully we can work something out. They are all 3 longhair mixes, hair is sort of wavy / poofy. They are bonded and can't be separated. And the rehoming fee is based on how far I have to drive to meet you. Just a reasonable amount to cover some of my fuel cost. No cage or supplies included. They are such sweethearts. Two are very docile; they don't like being picked up but really enjoy being held and cuddled. One is a bit timid, but if his brother is close by he has more confidence. They all 3 are absolutely beautiful and their fur feels wooly. I do NOT want to rehome them! ...but I have to. :( I will soon have shorthair babies to find homes for too if my girl has any boys. And finally, do not contact me unless you are very serious! Sorry but from online listing, 3 people have wasted my time, energy, & money when they failed to show after they seemed so sure.

06-04-12, 03:42 pm
I think the boys are either texel / Peruvian mixes or maybe alpaca? So you must be committed to grooming also.

06-06-12, 02:23 pm
OOPS! I posted this from my phone and did not even see that I was supposed to post thru guinea pig zone. Sorry!