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06-02-12, 01:29 pm
I have looked on guinea lynx I didn't see any pictures that looked similar. On one of my pigs (Pippin) it is more obvious. Right about his front right and left legs he has large bald spots. It looks slightly flaky. I looked on Merry and it felt like some of his hair was thinning out on his side, not completely gone but definitely thinner.

I can take a picture and post it in a few minutes. Please help. It is a Saturday so the vet I go to is closed.

06-02-12, 01:39 pm
My friends guinea pig lost its hair, and it had to go on antibiotics. If the hair loss continues I'm afraid you'll have to go to the vet and get it checked out. if its early and it hasnt lost more than half of its hair, I would recommend you change the cage every two days. I know it seems like a lot, but thats hat my friend had to do to prevent it. Good luck too your piggy.


06-02-12, 01:52 pm
Are the bald spots on his actual legs? Many pigs have bald spots or very thin hair on the inside of their front legs--it's from grooming themselves (pigs use their front legs to groom away the grooming fluid that excretes from their eyes).

As for the thinning on the side, it's possible he has mites.

06-02-12, 02:00 pm
If you determine it is Mites, Guinea Lynx has very useful pages about Mites and Mite treatment. I just treated my Piggies for Mites.


_ (http://www.guinealynx.info/mites.html)_

You can purchase Ivermectin on Amazon here, this is what I am using to treat:


_ (http://www.amazon.com/Durvet-Ivermectin-Pour-On-250ML/dp/B000HHOEIU)_

You need to purchase some 1cc syringes for the application of it. Here is the chart for the proper dosage amounts that go along with your Piggies' weight.


*You will need to treat both Piggies 2 times at least, 7 days apart each time. 1 dose to kill live Mites and the other dose to kill newly hatched eggs.


You need to weigh your Piggies and look at that chart to figure out how much of the medicine to give the Pigs. Then draw the medicine to the amount of medicine you need and apply it to the bald spot behind the Pigs' ears.


There you go!

06-02-12, 02:59 pm
It doesn't sound like mites, more possibly it's a fungus. I'd try treating him for fungus first, because it's quick and easy, and if it doesn't respond, you may need to see a vet for an antibiotic. See www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html.

06-02-12, 03:07 pm
I saw the picture of the bald spots, Fre sent them, and it does look like mites to me.

06-02-12, 03:11 pm
It would be helpful if they could be posted here.

06-02-12, 03:33 pm
I apologize for the lack of information. I have had very limited access to a computer today. I did talk to Cavymama, and she thought it was mites, but here is a picture. If you can't make it out that is the underside of his neck. I would try to get a picture of Merry but he's pitch black and you wouldn't be able to make anything out. I checked around for vets that were open and can't find any. I know Revolution can be used to treat mites and it can't hurt if you treat htem anyway but I cannot get it over the counter.