View Full Version : Three Guinea Pigs???!!!!!

06-20-05, 06:57 am

Ignorance is a sad sad thing.

06-20-05, 09:03 am
Ohh my!! Maybe three newborn ones would just about fit...!!!

06-20-05, 09:35 am
When I first got my piggies (More than 3 years ago) I got this cage or one like it. It was the largest one available in the store and as soon as I put my two newly adopted from a rescue guinea pigs in there you could see it was too small. Within 3 weeks I had discovered cavycages and made them a C & C cage. Anyone with any sense would see it was too small (I hope) for 3 piggies or 2 rabbits.

06-20-05, 09:56 am
Have you emailed/called the woman? Ask for to change it to one bunny or guinea pig...barely!

06-20-05, 10:00 am
When I first adopted Cinnamon, I bought a cage for him that size because it was the biggest I could find. Then I discovered this website and the rest is history. I always felt that his original cage was too small. I would never put him and Coco in a cage that small!

Slap Maxwell
06-20-05, 10:09 am
It has a wire floor!

06-20-05, 10:24 am
Relax, Slap..the wire floor is removable. Still-too small for more than one pig.

Slap Maxwell
06-20-05, 03:59 pm
Still, the average person isn't going to remove the wire floor.

happie gurl
06-20-05, 04:02 pm
>_< What on earth is wrong with that person! 3?! It can't even properly house 1 guinea!!! Grrr some people!
geez and it can't house a gp..let alone a RABBIT!

06-20-05, 04:34 pm
>_< What on earth is wrong with that person! 3?! It can't even properly house 1 guinea!!! Grrr some people!
geez and it can't house a gp..let alone a RABBIT!

I don't think there is anything "wrong" with this person, they are just ignorant. Not unlike myself before I bought Turbo. I didn't know much about proper care of a guinea pig except what I read in a book about guinea pigs that was for sale in the store where we bought him. After we set up his cage though, I knew it was too small for my taste. Thats how I found cavycages.com. People just don't know any better. Heck I have a friend that I rarely see that has 2 pigs that she keeps in a 100 gallon fish aquarium. I believe she is coming to see me next weekend. Of course she will see Turbo and Scooter's set-up and hopefully decide that it is in her piggies best interest to do something similar.
Those who know better, do better. That is unless they really don't give a rip.

06-21-05, 08:55 am
We can always tell then the alternate uses of such cages. My first cage makes a fine towel rack. Keeps my cats from sleeping on the towels and getting fur all over them

06-21-05, 10:30 am
I know what you mean about alternate uses. My pet store cage which is about 15x25 inches is now used as a carrier for my piggies. I use it when I carry then upstairs for floor time or outside in their play pen.

06-21-05, 11:06 am
I don't like the ramp in it. I have a couple of cages like this, but they are only ever used to house really ill piggys that I need to keep an eye on, or to move pigs from one place to another.

06-21-05, 10:26 pm
ooo great towel rack idea. My problem is one cat just won't litterbox train completely and prefers to pee on towels or rugs left in the bathroom even if they sit on top of the laundry basket.
Back years ago when we had guinea pigs and I didn't know how to search for things online I kept 4 in a chinchilla cage. I did cover the wire floor at least. Then had 2 of those 1x2' cages with a male in each one. When we got ready to keep guinea pigs again I searched online for info and found this site as well as guinealynx.info for health information.

06-23-05, 01:24 am
Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I e-mailed this person to let her know that I would buy this cage on my payday if she still had it. I think it would be adequate for one special piggie or other pet to live in if they get alot of free run time. I might also use it for a piggie that is having a hard time finding just the right room mate to live peaceably with. I'm sorry if you think this is a rotten cage. I do agree that 3 piggies might be cramped in it, maybe 3 ratties would fit better. I of course would remove the wire bottom if I decide to use it for a piggie. There are definitely some cages out there that really have no practical use, but I could use this for someone, even if in temporary situations. This person is not some evil breeder, just a pet owner that might not know everything you guys do about cages and the requirements for piggies. I don't mean to step on anyone's toes, but I will defend myself on this one, not gonna hide in the background while everyone talks about a cage I am interested in. Thanks.

06-23-05, 03:50 am
The most use you will ever get out of it is using it as a carrier for a trip to the vets. I have no idea how much space rats should have, so I don't know if it's big enough for them.

06-23-05, 04:44 am
I have a cage just like this one. It was used for a sick ferret.
This cage is also to small for more than one rat. My daughter has 4 and they are housed in a cage that is 5 feet high and 3 feet wide. Rats like to run up and down and are big climbers. She has hidey houses and a fleece type hammock on every floor (I think it has 4 floors) and they make use of it all.
As for the wire floor, even with the ferret I put newspapers on the bottom. We also have a huge ferret cage but it is not in use right now as we no longer have any ferrets.
My pigs have a C & C cage. It is 3 grids across and 4 grids long with shelves for the top as I have to keep it inclosed because of the dogs. I will be making another one now that Marvin is a Maggie.

06-23-05, 07:17 am
Whats even worse was when I got Eeyore (He was at the front of the Petco, Dropped off by some jerk) he was in a cage filled with disgusting carefresh ultra, Hartz pellets, and no water. The cage must have been 1 foot by 1 1/2 feet. It was truly distrubing how someone could be so crude.

06-23-05, 05:47 pm
Why would someone want to buy this cage? It looks more like a mouse cage or something, far too small for a guinea pig!

06-23-05, 08:04 pm
Yes we know piggies need more space and as I said before this cage looks like the one I had. I paid a $100 for it and it was the biggest they had in the store. Therefore non cavy savvy folks would assume this to be spacious as I once did. It's only when you put an animal in it that you see the trouble. I still have that cage it does come in handy as I used to foster and so it got used as a quarantine cage for a single pig. I have also used it as a post surgery cage, when I had to restrict movement for a few days.

06-23-05, 11:34 pm
It's only when you put an animal in it that you see the trouble.
Not everyone sees having one or two pigs in that size cage a problem though. There are many uneducated pig owners out there that have one or two pigs in a cage that size and think it's just perfectly fine.