View Full Version : At last, success!!

03-29-02, 06:07 pm
At last, the lino is cut and fits neatly into the grid. The shelving was not a good bet for the roof as it was too small. Wooden trellis proved just right and was less than half the price of the shelves. Moomintroll is in there now enjoying the vast new quarters. My husband Brian likes it so much that he is keen to build another one for Mellow, a sweet but dominant piggie who beats up on Moomin and so must be kept in a separate mansion. Thanks to all for your advice. This may well be the first home of its kind in New Zealand.

03-29-02, 10:55 pm
Well, I absolutely insist on photos! :)

03-30-02, 07:20 pm
Fair enough Cavyspirit. It will take time, but photos there will be.