View Full Version : Diarrhea Soft Poos :/

05-29-12, 07:15 pm
My small guinea pig pete (whom is 11 weeks old) has been sick for two weeks! He had been diagnosed with mites around two weeks ago, has had two shots of ivermectin, and is now on antibiotics. He also now, tonight, has very soft stool. I was told to dilute the antibiotic with apple juice so I am thinking maybe that is it…the juice is sugar free with no preservatives and no extra stuff so I'm not sure. Would you take your cavy to the vet? Thankyou!

05-29-12, 10:37 pm
How long has he been on antibiotics? What is the name of the antibiotic given?

I would not use apple juice to dilute the medicine. Does it come in liquid form?

05-30-12, 05:47 am
He's been on antibiotics for a week now and it's a liquid. The bet told me to dilute it with apple juice. It's baytril.

05-30-12, 09:00 am
Baytril isn't usually given to young pigs. Bactrim is a better choice.

Is he still eating and drinking normally? I would weigh him daily for a bit to make sure he's not losing any weight. Some people advocate using a probiotic when a pig is on antibiotics.

05-30-12, 10:05 am
He's actually gained an ounce! He's eating ad drinking normal also which I think Is a good sign (:

05-30-12, 10:50 am
Why is he on antibiotics in the first place?

Is the sugar-free juice sweetened with artificial sweetener? That's even worse than the apple juice.

Eleven weeks is too young to be put on Baytril. If I were you, I'd be looking for another vet and another opinion.

05-30-12, 02:02 pm
He had mites and was scratching a lot and they didn't want his scratches to get infected :/

05-30-12, 02:03 pm
I'm also going to look at the juice when I get a chance. Thank you!

05-30-12, 02:33 pm
You need a new vet. You don't put guinea pigs on antibiotics to keep things from getting infected. They don't react well to antibiotics, and unless the drugs are very carefully prescribed and monitored, they can well have more problems from the antibiotics than from the original complaint.

That, and the fact that the vet told you to dilute the antibiotic in ANYTHING, much less apple juice, would have me running for the exits and looking for someone who knows what they're doing.

05-30-12, 05:35 pm
Thank you so much. I'm so happy you guys know so much about guinea pigs! I'd be so lost!!