View Full Version : Adopt Two Pretty (KY) Piggies Need a Permanent Place!

New Piggy Mom
05-29-12, 10:06 am
Two little girls from Somerset, KY are needing a new home! I have cared for and loved Ziva and Charlie for almost a year now. I am reluctantly putting them up for adoption after my parents have decided they aren't too fond of my piggy pals. :(
I only agreed to give them up under the condition that they go to someone who can care for them as well or better than me. And the people I have came across on this forum are the ones I trust to do that.
These girls are a bonded pair about a year of age, and need to go together. They are shy, but friendly and funny girls. They love to run about their cage, fresh greens, bunk beds, and exploring. They LOOOVE fleece, and especially love to hide underneath fleece and roll about. :)
They are extremely sweet, and would do well in a pre-existing family. I can guarantee they will bring years of joy into your home.
These girls have lived in a cubes and chloroplast cage (a 3x3 and then a 2x4) with fleece lining the whole time I've had them, and their new home needs to have roaming room (at least as much as they are used to).
I am asking $50 for the pair. I also have a TON of supplies that I would be willing to sell at a reasonable price to go with them. Among the items are: 2 complete sets of cubes, 4 sets of fleece, a "pigloo", several cozies, a hammock, timothy hay, litter box, food bowls, and more.
Contact me via this website or at [email protected] I will give further contact information to those who have serious interest.

Ziva (pictured left) and Charlie (right)