View Full Version : Shedding like CRAZY!

06-18-05, 06:26 pm
After last week's heat, my rabbit has launched into a HUGE shed - like tufts of fur are just falling right out - is this OK ?- any hairball precautions to do ahead of time? He has shed before but nothing like this (the heat we had here was record breaking).

Slap Maxwell
06-18-05, 06:39 pm
Are patches of fur acctaully falling out? That would be cause for concern.

If you are worried about hairballs feed some of Oxbow's papaya and pinapple tablets.

06-18-05, 06:51 pm
No - one of the things I do when I groom during a shed like this is to gently pull on tufts (don't think I'll do this any more although I have seen it demonstrated on a website somewhere) - but these tufts are NOT just falling out on their own - I do give Bubba (name) papaya a couple times a week.

06-18-05, 07:08 pm
That is normal. Most rabbits "blow" their coats like that.

I highly recommend brushing the rabbit 2-3 times a day until he is done blowing his coat. This will help keep him from ingesting all of that hair.

06-18-05, 07:39 pm
Thank you - it's just so weird!

06-19-05, 07:02 am
I also would reccomend brushing multiple times a day, as well as providing plenty of grass hay to prevent blockages from hairballs. I bought a rubber curry brush (made for cats) at a petstore and it works excellent on short-hair rabbits. Beware of the metal spike brushes marketed for rabbits, these can cause cuts.