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Tipsey Topsey
05-27-12, 02:51 am
Hi everyone! My 3 beautiful girls, Tipsey, Topsey and Turvey are a little overweight so searched the web for soultions and found myself here! I've read some great advice which I shall follow. Looking at the average weights my piggies may not be as overweight as I thought! I will be implementing having a hay rack rather than placing the hay in their bowl and will cut down on their pellets though! Its great to know there are so many cavy lovers out there, I don't know what took me so long to get here! :)

05-27-12, 06:05 am
Welcome to the Forum!!

I love the names of your 3 little girls. Do you have any pigtures of them to share?

05-27-12, 06:15 am
Welcome to the forum! I hope you like it here as much as I do. There's a lot of great info here.

05-28-12, 03:13 am
Hello I am also new! Welcome to the Forum! (: