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05-24-12, 01:51 pm
Sorry for the bad pictures... My camera charger disappeared so I had to use my cell phone. This cage is our first attempt. We used closet racks that we found in the Home Depot storage section. It measures 36 inches tall, by 47 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. I went with an enclosed cage because we have a small child, a cat, and a dog. The front side of the cage folds open in two sections for easy cleaning. For the liner, we used trash bags. This is temporary until I build a 4 inch stand and put a pull out tray in. I also plan on getting some chloroplast for the sides and will be making some forests today. Anyways, here are the pictures. Enjoy!





05-24-12, 02:04 pm
Thats a really nice cage :)
How long did it take to make?

Just a little heads up, i've heard that wheels for piggies hurt their backs? I'm not sure if im right or not but maybe you should have a little nose on the web to see what it says about wheels and guineas? :D

Cheeky Piggy
05-24-12, 02:13 pm
jussiecar is right. Wheels are bad for your piggy's back. Their backs are elongated and not as flexible as a hamster, ect. and can't handle the stress that the bending would take to use it. It may cause serious harm and/or injury. Also, large plastic exercise balls claiming to be for Guineas/other- are not good for them as well. Best be safe and take it out. There are many home made toys located on this forum you could try instead. Eating and chewing is what Guineas love to do best! Take a gander around. and see what you can find. Youtube also has some neat instructional videos on said toys as well. Good luck!:love:

05-24-12, 02:30 pm
I'll just go ahead and take it out. She doesn't use it anyways... She just tries to jump onto the top of it and just rolls off haha.

05-24-12, 02:32 pm
It took about 8 hours... Definitely will look more into the health of guinea pigs.

05-24-12, 02:34 pm
Do you put any bedding in the cage like Carefresh or fleece? You want to completely cover the plastic bag so she won't chew on it. Ingesting plastic can cause a blockage. Your drop door front is a clever way to make access to the inside to make cleaning easy.

05-24-12, 02:36 pm
I'll just go ahead and take it out. She doesn't use it anyways... She just tries to jump onto the top of it and just rolls off haha.

haha aww bless her!

8 hours? Gosh i bet you felt it was worth it after you finished!

05-24-12, 02:37 pm
Your cage looks unsafe. The ramp is very steep, and the 2nd floor doesn't have a side wall. If she accidentally falls off the ramp or the 2nd floor, she can get seriously injured.

Is the cage secured to the table or bolted to the wall? Your dog or cat could knock it off the table if it's not secured.

Your piggie will most likely enjoy a bigger cage with one large level. Do you have space to make the base bigger?

See the recommended size here.
Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy At Home (http://www.guineapigcages.com/)

05-24-12, 03:50 pm
There is fleece for bedding and the cage weighs around 60 pounds. There is also hay in a box beside her house for her litter box. She has a hay holder for her to snack on. I tried wobbling it to see if it may fall and I highly doubt it will, but I will add a strap and screw it into the wall just to be on the safe side. I agree with what you're saying, lissie, about the ramp steepness and safety being an issue. I think it would be a good idea to add a side wall and put in a bigger box to make the ramp not so steep, as well as adding a side wall beside the ramp, with a hole for her to go through and down the ramp that leads to the floor. I actually wanted to leave the cage on the desk it's on at the moment, but may consider moving the desk and taking the cage apart and rebuilding it on the floor so she has more room to play at a later time (just finished working my butt off building this one!).

05-24-12, 04:08 pm
That sounds like a great plan :) If you move it to the floor, you don't even have to take it apart. You could remove the front door and just add more space in front of it.

05-24-12, 04:19 pm
I agree!! You have a wonderful plan! Please post shots when you are done!!!

05-24-12, 05:46 pm
Just got done with the jungle... I love that idea about extending the front!