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05-23-12, 09:41 am
My name is Amber and I have had my three girls for just over a year now but I've always had little critters of some sort in the house. Last year when I bought the two girls and named them Todd and Copper, from the Disney movie The Fox and the Hound. I always name my pets after disney characters. After having the guinea pigs for about a month I noticed that Todd was starting to get really "fat" but I thought that maybe she was just growing faster than Copper. But several weeks later when I was holding Todd I felt her stomach kick!!! I got super excited and called my mom and told her the good news and she immediatley asked if Copper was a boy so we took Copper down to the local pet shop and asked if she could sex Copper. She was indeed a girl so it turns out that I bought Todd after she became pregnant. So the first week of July rolls around and we had setup a camera to try to catch the birth of our little piggies. But unfirtunatley we missed the birth but we found the three babies soon after they were born. Thank goodness Todd didn't have any issues birthing and she gave birth to two baby boys and a little baby girl. I named them Squeeks, Amos, and Dinky. Dinky was the little girl and after selling the two boys I decided to keep little Dinky. SO that's how I ended up with my three little girls :)

05-23-12, 09:45 am
Welcome! :D I love your piggy names! I think I speak for all of us in saying that we would love to see some pigtures! :)