View Full Version : Cage New cage!

05-22-12, 04:58 pm
It took me three hours to tear down the 2x3 and replace it with a 2x4 with a 2x2 second story. Equipped with hay, litter box, hammock, soft beds and houses. They were so happy to be out of the storage cage (store bought) they were running around, pop-corning and squeaking. I hid treats all over to encourage exploring. I have one more piece to add later. A 1x1 third story that will be in the window. I thought on nice days I can open the
Window for them.

05-22-12, 05:50 pm
Looks great! Did you make a grid on the bottom removable? Neat idea, it'll make cleaning easier for you.

05-22-12, 06:26 pm
Great job!! :)

Just make sure when it's cold out you don't get a draft through the window you were talking about. Don't want the piggies to get a URI/

05-23-12, 06:48 am
Yes there are doors on the bottom that swing
Open. And I haven't done the window loft yet but during winter I will probably take it down cause it would be way to drafty. I haven't decided if I am going to do it yet.
My silly girls sleep under their hammock!?