View Full Version : Urine Does this urine look normal? (picture)

05-19-12, 11:36 pm
I recently adopted two guinea pigs (and lurked this site before adopting!), and I'm worried. Today I noticed one of them has darker urine than usual. A picture is below of two pieces of Carefresh Ultra that the urine is on compared with dry pieces. It's not quite as dark as photographed, and the edges aren't so orangey in real life. The cavy in question is approx. 6 months to a year old. He is acting completely normal. Their diet consists of pellets, timothy hay, oranges (every other day), carrots, and apple. Their bedding is a mix of Carefresh Ultra and aspen.

I'm really worried. :(


05-20-12, 12:16 am
Hi. I think its OK ( read here for whats normal http://www.guinealynx.info/normal.html ). I wanted to comment on their diet. Oranges and apples should not be given that frequently and most people feed only 1 baby carrot per pig a day). You need to incorporate some leafy green lettuce into the diet, favorites are red or green leaf lettuce and romaine (usually 1-2 leafs a day per pig). Also 1/8 of a green bell pepper (yellow, orange, red are OK to but increase in sugar from yellow-red). Here look at this link; it has a sample diet for guinea pigs http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet-nutrition/24770-sample-veggie-menus.html and also this link has a food chart http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet-nutrition/22156-read-me-cavy-nutrition-charts-poisonous-plants-list.html#post254730 ).

05-20-12, 06:39 am
Guinea pig urine dries darker, and food can definitely affect the color. Ditto kananaka on changing the diet -- that's way too much fruit and not nearly enough veggies. But I wouldn't feed romaine -- some pigs do ok on it and others have sludgy urine problems. No need to even risk it if you can get other lettuces.

05-21-12, 11:24 pm
Thanks, guys. They don't seem to care fore bell peppers, but I tried red lettuce, and they really love it.