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06-17-05, 12:51 pm
Hello, i'm from Serbia, and my name is Bogdan.....I have one little problem....I saw that you tought on forum about coroplast and cubes cages, but I haven't found coroplast, and cubes, anywhere in Serbia.....My question is: what is alternative solution for coroplast? And what is alternative solution for cubes?

please answer me if you know answer for this question

06-17-05, 03:32 pm
Instead of cloroplast you could use a shower curtain or any other kind of thick plastic that doesn't leak. I've used a shoe mat. If you can find linoleum that is sold as a sheet that could be used also.
Instea of cubes you could use other kinds of shelf material that are made of wires and forms a grid. If you have Walmarts or other home appliance/storage stores look around and ask the people working there. Look in the bathroom department, there's usually good stuff. Do not by storage tubs, since they are never big enough.
There's a section on this site about alternate materials to C&C.

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06-18-05, 08:53 am
Actually, you can use four planks of wood, too. Anything that gives your pigs at least twice as much space than a storebought cage.