View Full Version : Cage How Big?

05-19-12, 02:23 pm
Is two guinea pigs in one 2 X 4 C & C cage too small?

05-19-12, 02:25 pm
2x4 is the minimum cage space requirement for 2 Piggies. However, if they are Male you may need a bigger cage as they tend to want more room. I have 2 Females in a 2x4 and besides normal dominance issues, I haven't had any problems.

So yes, 2x4 should be big enough if you don't have any behavior issues between them. :)

Hope I helped!

05-19-12, 02:29 pm
Would 2x5 work?

05-19-12, 02:31 pm
Would 2x5 work?
The more space the better. I have two pairs in 2 x 4s and it works well and I have 3 in a 2 x 5.

05-19-12, 02:34 pm
Pinky, do you have Boys or girls?

05-19-12, 04:06 pm
I have 2 girls in a 2x4 and they seem quite happy!

Cheeky Piggy
05-19-12, 04:09 pm
With experience from my two boys- more space is better. Not every boy pair is the same though. Some may not mind a 2X4 cage. So... If you want to try a 2X4, I don't see a problem with it. But, if you are starting to see issues between the two(more bickering than normal), then I'd say expand it to a 2X5 or 3X5. It's all trial and error, in my opinion. :D Just make sure it's not anything less than the 2x4 though. lol

Right now, for my 2 piggies, I recently expanded it to a 3X6.

Good luck!! :heart: