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05-19-12, 01:41 pm
Hey! I'm Rodrigo Y Trillo, but call me Trillo (or Y Trillo), I'm Carioca (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) i do business and study English too and my little monster are Popcorn and Jelly, the names were given
by my nephew! jajaja :eek:

(Jelly Abyssinian g.pig (black and brown) and Popcorn Short haired or "English g.pig" (white and beige)

Im making a bigger c&c cage if you have good ideas, send me!
I dont know how it is in feet but in meters is:
180x90cm (firstt floor)
180x30 (loft)
120x60 (second floor)
60x60 (deck)

(sorry my English but I don't speak English very well yet)
Até mais (see you soon)

05-19-12, 01:44 pm
Your english is very good! Welcome to the forums! Jajajaja :D

05-19-12, 02:15 pm
I speak Spanish, on the first Level, so......

All fun aside. Welcome to the forum! Your Pigs are beautiful. Or should I say Cobayes?

05-20-12, 06:23 pm
Eu falo Português também. Your cage sounds really nice and your guinea pigs are so cute!

05-21-12, 09:44 am
really? :p ty wheekmau5

05-21-12, 09:47 am
Zuidy thanks. I dont speak spanish. No, in brazil all say "porco/porquinho da india" not "cobaia".
ty again

05-21-12, 09:53 am
Azulita, that's great! Então eu já tenho alguém para teclar em português aqui...in English.
jajaja. Thank you very much. "your guinea pigs are so cute!" and very cuuurious.