View Full Version : Need new cage not alot of room for a large one though

06-16-05, 08:26 am
I need a new cage for my g-pig but i dont have alot of room for a big one. What should I do?

06-16-05, 09:14 am
Make the room. Take a serious look around your home and be creative. a 2 x 3 cube and coroplast cage isn't so big.

06-16-05, 10:03 am
I needed a fairly large cage for my 4 piggies and many of my rooms are quite small and are badly arranged when it comes to the windows and doors. The best solution for me was to build an "L" shaped cage. That way, all I had to do was clear out one corner and a little space on each adjacent wall. Many people will say that L shaped take away running space because there is turns in it, but that is not true. My piggies run laps around it just like if it was square.

06-16-05, 11:10 am
There is always a way. Most people have a spot on a seldom used desk, where a never sat in chair is, under a table full of family pictures, etc...

I have a small house full of rescued animals. I have 2 kids and all their "stuff", a home business with all of the stock I sell and somehow all of my caged animals are able to have appropriate houseing.

My GP cage has moved from my kitchen area to my workroom/livingroom. I put it on a desk that had a couple of scales, shipping supplies and clutter on it. I decided that I didn't really need access to that desk as I have a large counter space in the room where I do most of my work. All my supplies were moved to a shelf and the GPs are now next to the windows in the busiest area of the home.

Believe me...If I can fit a big cage into my cluttered home you probably can too. Look around and try to find the space.

06-16-05, 11:16 am
My room is like the size of an airing cupboard, but I still made room!

Be creative - Some of my cage is underneath my bed.
Remove some furniture - I removed a side table that only had an alarm clock on it
De clutter your room to make some space

06-16-05, 12:05 pm
ok i think i might be able to move a dresser in my room (the only place whre im allowed to keep my guinea pig) to make him a bigger cage. i was thinking of getting another pig should I adopt or buy from the bredder we got the first cavy?

Slap Maxwell
06-16-05, 12:26 pm
You should definetily adopt. Go to www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com/)

My room is the size of a horse stall, 12'x12', but I still manage to put a 2x6 in it.

06-16-05, 12:47 pm
Funnluvr1691-I know that you are new here, but please read the following link and post properly. You need to use capitalization and proper punctuation. Thanks.

And please don't buy a pig from a breeder. It's so much better to adopt a pig from a rescue/shelter.

06-16-05, 01:09 pm
Just saw your profile. You need to move the piggy out of the aquarium ASAP. Also do a little reading on guinea lynx (http://www.guinealynx.info/)there is alot of good advice on general care. C & C is the way to go it is fun to create your own cage, and it is a lot healthier for your piggies.
Glad you have found a solution to fitting in a bigger cage let us know how it goes.

06-16-05, 02:45 pm
There is always room. Who said you needed walking room to get to your bed. Just climb over the bed to the other end and hop off. Or who said you need room to get into your 5 foot long dresser where you keep your clothes, just bend down each day and drag your cage away from it and then drag it back when you are done. Who said you need to get into your closet to get your pants. Just squeeze between the cage and the closet while you are poking the corner edge of the grid into your backside and your in pain, but you manage to squeeze in to grab a pair of pants and then squeeze out while rubbing your butt each time. Then you have to do it all again tomorrow morning and night.

Like everyone said, there's always a way to make room.

06-16-05, 03:07 pm
*embarrased* pennick that sounds so much like me! I have no walking room so I actually have to put my foot in the cage to reach my bed.
I can't open my cupboard doors because the cage gets in the way. So I have to shove my arm in hoping I get the right pair of jeans...

06-16-05, 05:34 pm
I'm sorry Ly&Pigs. I will try my best to use proper English.

06-16-05, 05:49 pm
Another Ohioan, yippee!!!

06-16-05, 05:54 pm
What part do you live in?

06-17-05, 07:17 am
Another Ohioan, yippee!!!

yay! I'm in Ohio too (NE, Akron area).

06-17-05, 11:19 am
You could always add a second level....it's not the same but I think it would add more space. Just make sure you make the cage higher in that area, so they can't escape.

06-17-05, 12:34 pm

ok tnk u for all ur advice

06-17-05, 12:45 pm
Funnluvr1691-I asked you to read the link that I posted for you earlier in this thread. I don't believe you read it otherwise you would know that chat speak is not allowed here. I am now officially warning you to post properly.

06-17-05, 03:46 pm
Make a newpaper cut out of the size of your wanted cage.

For example, if you wanted a 2x4 cage, look at the measurements on the homepage. measure it out on newspaper. cut and stick. now go around your house with it and see where you could put it.

You'd be surprised. There is ALWAYS space when it comes to your pig/s health and well-being.

06-19-05, 10:26 am
Oh. I forgot I'm sorry.

06-20-05, 08:36 pm
Are you able to make at least a 2x3?

It's funny, my friend has a small room with a lot of stuff in it- I brought the cage over I made her (a 2x3) and it's in the middle of the room! (Sort of, against, a bookcase and dresser and just hanging out) What's really funny about it is, you'd think she'd trip over it- she's blind! Dosen't sound funny, but I guess that's how best friends feel.. Hehe...

06-21-05, 06:40 am
Yes. I have room for the 2x3.

I looked at the chart, and I looked at the prices' of the cages from here. I have to wait a little while to get it because I'm in the middle of redoing my bedroom (walls knocked down etc.) and the price I'm going to shop around. This site helped me alot, so once I put everything back into my room I will make room for the new cage.