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04-28-02, 08:29 am
I have 2 dogs and a cat and I have been thinking about getting two guinea pigs. My Golden is friendly to small animals (she loves my hamsters and loved my ferrets). My other dog is a terrier who doesn't chase small animals, but he does barrel through the house and tosses his ball around (when he loses it he'll go crashing onto/into/under things to get it back). My cat used to like to jump on top of my small animal cages to watch them, but she hasn't done that for probably about 5-6 years (ever since she stuck her paw in a hamster cage and was bitten!)... However I think she *might* try to do that with a guinea pig's cage..
So anyway, my question is- has anyone thought of good ways to dog and cat proof a homemade cage? They look fairly sturdy from the photos, but I once had a container made out of cubes which look similar to that, and it kept falling apart... What can I do to strengthen the cage? I was also wondering what the best way would be to put a top on one.

05-10-02, 07:21 am
You should probably try organizational shelving. It has less space between the wires so curious kitties can't paw at the GP's. You can probably get it at any large hardware store - Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. Don't worry, you don't have to buy a whole closet kit! I'm sure there's an isle or an area where they have different sizes of shelves - sometimes the places cut it for you, too!

05-10-02, 07:22 am
BTW, too cute about your terrier! *LOL*

Laura Irene
05-18-02, 07:25 am
Did you look at www.cavycages,com/catproofing (http://www.cavycages,com/catproofing) ?

You also may be able to put your cage high enough that they wouldn't be able to sick his/her paws in.

Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki