View Full Version : How can i keep my little bros. out of my C&C cage???

05-14-02, 05:43 pm
I am planning on building a C&C cage for my cute little cavies, Lizzie and Winnie, BUT, i have a question. Since i am moving downstairs, i now have more room for a bigger cage, and i want to put it in the large room downstairs. (i would have no where else to put it) But, since the boys go downstairs to play sometimes, and will propbably want to check out the piggies (NOT good!)
how can i keep them from getting in to them. A topless one would deffinietly not work, and neiter would a hook latch, like the one on their present cage. Do i have to like have a bolt lock on it!!!!??? PLEASE help me!! My little 3 month old cavies are already starting to outgrow their 30 inch by 12 inch cage! :>(
Thanks. Niki

Laura Irene
05-18-02, 07:21 am
Maube you can do a cat proof cage? Also, how old are your brothers? If they are young maybe you can put it on a surface High enough for them not to be able to reach it?

Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki

05-20-02, 05:43 pm
Hey, thanx soooo much 4 poasting your reply!!!!
But, well anyways, my brothers are 3, 4, and 8. I am REALLY worried about my 3 & 4 year old brothers getting into them while i am at school. They can reach high, and they are also smart enough to get a chair (i have seen them do this before)!!! My mom says that i should probably put a padlock on it, but how would i attactch it??!!

Thank you!!!
NikiGurl, and my cavies: Winnie, and Lizzie