View Full Version : Cubes ore something similar in denmark.

04-28-12, 10:02 am
Hello everybody.

My boys woud love a C&C cage. BUt i just can't find the cubes in denmark. Does anyone know were i cant find it in denmark og maybe malmo in sweeden??

Any webshops in EU with Cubes its helpfull too..

Thank you.
Love Little pigz


04-28-12, 10:48 am
I'm having the same problem here in Malmö, I've scoured the internet but only really found a website about corrugated plastic.

Korrugerad plast ark - Dipack® (http://www.olitecpackaging.se/mellanlagg-skivor-rullar/dipack-skivor)

I'm thinking of just building a cage with alternative materials, maybe substituting coroplast with a tarp. It doesn't seem like C&C cages are that popular in scandanavia, sadly.