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04-25-12, 08:16 pm
I can't get Trudy into the vet until this time next week :( Only vet around that doesn't charge over $150 for a visit for a guinea pig.

I described this place on her bum to the vet on the phone and she advised me to either use a Miconazole cream or a athletes foot cream. She said that this would not hurt if it wasn't ringworm, but if it is it would help.

I got Miconazole Nitrate (2% formulation) what I was told to get. I applied this to the patch.

Only problem is Trudy is now messing with the spot- never saw her pay it any mind before.

Will the miconazole harm her if she ingests it?

04-25-12, 09:04 pm
No, it won't hurt her. But just put it on very sparingly. Take a q-tip and rub a bit in, don't put enough on that she can lick it off.

04-25-12, 10:04 pm
Just make sure you wash your hands and disinfect your skin. Ringworm can transfer to humans.

04-26-12, 02:12 am
You should have posted this on her other thread. I will merge the two threads later when I am on my computer.