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06-02-02, 09:47 pm
I've thought for a while on different designs/shapes/sizes etc for a cage for my guinea pig(he's big and fat, and that dinky wire cage I've got him in seems cramped(although, a buick seems like it would be too cramped for my pig :P hehe). Anyway, I figure the cheapest/easiest way to customize the cage is to build it out of wood, but how should I treat the bottom piece so that it does get wrecked from urine/water/etc, or should I just not bother doing anything to it at all? Mainly I'm just wondering if varnishing it is safe, it should be, but I want to make sure first.

Laura Irene
06-03-02, 05:06 am
Did you look at www.cavycages.com (http://www.cavycages.com) ? Try doing a Cubes and Coroplast cage. You don't have to worry about types of wood because there is none!

06-03-02, 06:54 am
yeah I saw all of that after I made my post, but thanks :) I've actually just been thinking about where I'm gonna get all that stuff etc now.

06-07-02, 04:10 pm
Well, I got everything I need for the cage, for just under $35CAD. This includes a 4x8 foot sheet of 4mm coroplast, and 3 cubes(12 squares plus one extra). Building a 2x4 cage, as you can see from the picture. For everyone in the US, $35 CAD is about $24USD. Wow, for $24 USD my guinea pig is getting a cage more than 4x the size of his $50 cage. I LOVE THIS SITE! Picture of all the stuff below :)

Laura Irene
06-08-02, 05:59 am
$24.00 is CHEAP! We paid at least $36.00 USD!

*Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki

06-08-02, 09:10 am
I know! I was surprised at the prices. I was expecting to pay closer to $20 for the plastic(only paid like $12) and like $30 for the cubes(only ended up being $20, all CAD of course, and I only got 3 cubes - 12 squares and one extra - but that's all I need anyway). Anyway, today's another day, and my piggies have a new home! Pics below :)



06-08-02, 06:18 pm
I built a cage out of 2 x 1"s and wire. I only made a frame so that it was more like a play pen than a cage. For the base I used a rubbermaid flat container about 5" deep and 36"long by 17" wide. This makes it very easy to clean, and you can take the frame outside to the lawn in a jiffy. :) Works great for us. Good Luck

Laura Irene
06-09-02, 07:18 am
Here's my cage: (scroll down) havapig.tripod.com/welcom...e/id3.html (http://havapig.tripod.com/welcometomyhomepage/id3.html)