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04-18-12, 08:21 am
So my little 2 month old Donald has had poop that looks like this for the past 4 days. 24646

It is really hard and skinny. He is eating fine and not lethargic. Is this something to worry about. He has been introduced to some new hay over the last week as well as some new Oxbow food. Is this anything to be going to the vet for?

04-18-12, 08:26 am
I have heard that very dry poop can mean low quality hay. I have had a pig get really dry poop with Oxbow, which is generally a good brand, but I think the store where I got it just had really old hay.

Generally, any change in their stool that doesn't get corrected when you adjust the diet is a cause for concern...

04-18-12, 08:34 am
I know its not the hay being low quality because i by it by the bale and it was stored in an indoor shed and it is very green and sweet smelling. Do you think I should switch him off of the Oxbow food and go back to the Kaytee stuff or just take him to the vet?

04-18-12, 08:43 am
Definitely don't switch him to Kaytee - those are really bad pellets! If you want to test out if it's the pellets, just don't give pellets for half a day to a day (just hay and veggies) and see if that helps.

As for hay, I used Kleenmama's bluegrass for years. And for some reason, it caused really soft stool in my piggies with the most recent batch. I still don't know why. I switched to Kleenmama's timothy hay, and it got better. What I am trying to say is that you might try a small amount of a different hay (not Kaytee), just to see if it makes a difference.

Is he getting enough water and fresh veggies (lettuce, cilantro, bell peppers) every day?

I would also advise you to post your question in http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/ medical forum - people there have helped me a lot - they have seen all sorts of medical conditions. Unfortunately, I don't have other ideas myself.

If it doesn't improve, I would take him to a cavy savvy vet.

04-18-12, 08:52 am
Thanks for your help :) Yes he gets lots of veggies. They get Red or Green Leaf lettuce with some bell pepper, tomatoes, green pepper, a baby carrot, cucumber and some cilantro in there treat ball once a day. I thought it might have been the veggies so I didn't give him any over the weekend but it didnt make a difference. I will try taking away the pellets and see if that helps. None of the vets are very good around me so thats why I try to avoid it if I can but I will take him if it continues.

04-18-12, 08:54 am
It may be worth it to post your general location to see if someone know of a good vet.

04-18-12, 08:55 am
Oh, also, starting now, you should weigh him daily at the same time every day to see if he is losing weight.

04-18-12, 09:00 am
I live in Spruce Grove Alberta which is just outside Edmonton, Alberta. My vet is awesome with all my other animals but he doesn't know much about guinea pigs but said he will help if he can. There is a vet out here that knows about guinea pigs but they will try and rack up your bill as much as they can before they give you an answer. So I know a simple visit will end up costing me $500+(because it always does) and then they will say its just the food and he needs time to adjust >:( So i try and avoid them if I can but I will take him if he needs to go!

04-18-12, 09:38 am
I would take him off pellets first. See if that corrects it. Also since he is so young I know that young piggies have need of some different levels of vitamins. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can chime in.

04-18-12, 09:43 am
Thanks kananaka. I dont know what is up with him but he has me worried. I know that people are very knowledgeable on here probably more then most vets so thats why I thought I would try here.

04-18-12, 09:51 am
Yes they are =). You can also PM a MOD, I would try Ly&Pigs (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/members/ly-and-pigs.html), she is a dietary specialist here.

04-18-12, 09:54 am
Oh ok, thanks! I will see if I can figure out how to PM, lol!

04-18-12, 10:09 am
If you click on her name and go to her page the upper left hand corner has Send a PM

04-18-12, 03:01 pm
Thanks I found it : )

04-18-12, 07:35 pm
I think it might be the veggies because the poops were starting to get more normal shaped by late morning/early afternoon then I gave him some veggies and they went back to being weird shaped. I picked up some fresh ones and they were really soft, almost like playdough. I was cleaning out there hay area and they were completely normal. Is it ok if I not feed him veggies for the next little while or is that not good? Any type of veggies that are good for binding up poops?

04-18-12, 10:10 pm
Try going without veggies for a few days, and perhaps give a probiotic. Do you have any acidophilus?

04-18-12, 11:03 pm
Try going without veggies for a few days, and perhaps give a probiotic. Do you have any acidophilus?
Can you get that without a prescription? It seems like it would be good to have a probiotic on hand just in case.

04-18-12, 11:26 pm
Yes, you use the same stuff for pigs that humans use. I usually buy capsules in the health food section of Fred Meyer (in the refrigerator section--it's usually refrigerated). You can open a capsule and sprinkle it onto a piece of wet lettuce.

04-19-12, 08:43 pm
Thanks so much foggycreekcavy I will try to find some of that. He still has the same consistancy today. It is exactly like playdough. He is still doing good though. Eating and drinking a ton, still very active. I did not give him any veggies today. I will definetly try this because I dont really know what is causing this. All my other guinea pigs are fine and they are all eating the same stuff. Do you think I should put it on lettuce or maybe can I sprinkle it onto his pellets?

04-19-12, 09:34 pm
Sprinkle it over 1 piece of lettuce, since you're cutting out veggies. Make sure when you introduce veggies again, after the poops are normal, that you wash them off very well, and only introduce 1 at a time over several days to see if it's one specific veggie he's not tolerating.

04-19-12, 09:38 pm
Thanks Petlovr. I will do that. Do you know how long I should wait before taking him into the vet. He has been having poops like this for almost a week now but only day 1 of no veggies. I tried no veggies last weekend for a couple days but it didn't seem to make any difference. Does it usually take a few days to get out of their system?

04-20-12, 07:10 am
I would think it could take 1-2 days to completely leave their system. I'm not sure how long to wait to see the vet. I'd call soon if it's not getting better, sometimes it takes a couple days to get in for an appointment. You don't want to pay for an emergency visit if you don't have to.

04-20-12, 08:02 am
I picked up some of that acidophilous but it was just on the shelf and not in the fridge so I hope it works. I have it in the fridge now and I am going to give him some this morning so hopefully it helps. He is still doing good this morning and acting normal.

04-20-12, 10:04 am
Oh another questions. How many times do I give this to him and for how long? Once a day? Once, for a week, until is clears up?

04-20-12, 10:24 am
I give my pig 1 capsule once a day, but he's on antibiotics. I should think 1/2 to 1 capsule per day. Over at GuineaLynx it says you can "free feed"-meaning give as much as you'd like, but you shouldn't need more than the 1 capsule per day.

04-20-12, 11:33 am
Ok thanks so much :)

04-20-12, 12:08 pm
Hello from an Edmonton Member!

I wanted to suggest a great vet, a little out of your way since you said your in Spruce. Park Vet Clinic is in sherwood park but they are the best in the Edmonton Area. Here is their online page with information. I, myself, only see them and I know a few other members that do.

Park Veterinary Centre, Sherwood Park, Alberta | GENERAL INFORMATION | Canada (http://www.infovet.ca/parkvet/showClinicInformation.do?discriminator=LOCATION_AN D_HOURS&parentId=1615&itemId=2457&)

They also carry oxbow items.

I was also wondering where you got your hay? I found a great lady south of Edmonton to get mine. I buy meadow grass hay for about 4$ a bale.

04-20-12, 12:16 pm
Hi! I have seen your stuff on Kijiji(I think) lol and I will probably be purchasing from you soon :) Thanks for the vet suggestion. I am more then willing to drive to Sherwood Park for a good vet because we really don't have a good one out here. I wish my vet for my other animals knew about guinea pigs because he is wonderful and he has admitted he knows nothing about guinea pig so he's not really any help :( I get my hay from a farmer out here. I get it for $4 as well. Thank you very much for the vet suggestion again. I will give them a call if he doesn't get better by Monday :)

04-20-12, 12:30 pm
No problem and yes that's me :)

Parks is amazing! They know a lot about guinea pigs and I only trust them.

If you need any help or anything feel free to PM me. I know most of the great places to get things in Edmonton. Oh and if you are getting oxbow, G&E Pharmacy sells it, they are on whyte Ave and are a supply store that also takes Vet prescriptions (and human ones as well I think). Great place to get your oxbow. I buy 50lbs from them (special order) and its I think 70ish dollars. I'm switching tom KMS pellets soon (shipping is going to kill me but I have a boar who needs lower calcium).

04-20-12, 12:40 pm
Thanks again : ) I actually used to get a good portion of my horse stuff from G & E Pharmacy. I have been buying my Oxbow stuff from Petsmart and I agree KMS is crazy expensive to ship. Someone here needs to sell that stuff lol.