View Full Version : Freezing bricks?

06-10-05, 10:51 am
Can that be done? I thought if it as a good way to keep the piggers cool, but I have not done it....

Has anyone ever done that?

Slap Maxwell
06-10-05, 11:15 am
Hmm.. I have never thought of that. Freezing may make them a little too cold, unless it was done for a very short while.

Mine like when I give them a paper plate of frozen, mashed up fruit ice cubes- or even just plain ice cubes.

06-10-05, 11:36 am
I have fruit popcicles in the freezer now for them...I was just wondering about the brick..I would only stick it in there for a short time if I was to do it...This would only be a temp fix, as we are going to be getting air conditioners soon and there will be a small one in the "animals room" so they can stay cool too...But right now we dont have any..Right now we are using fans for all of us, and I am doing the popcicle thing:D

06-11-05, 09:05 pm
You could certainly try it and let us all know how your pigs like it. If you freeze the brick(s) though, lay a piece of fleece or a small towel on it(them) so the pigs don't get too cold. You could also freeze some water in plastic water or soda bottles, wrap them in a piece of fleece or a towel and lay them around the cage for piggies to lounge up against.

06-13-05, 10:58 pm
I have some large, flat garden stones that I soak in cold water for awhile (while I'm doing other stuff in the morning) -- I just towel dry them, lay them in the cage with a cloth on top, and they hold the cold without being frigid. I catch the piggies laying on them, so they must like it.