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06-10-05, 05:06 am
I've just been to the dr. about my 6 yr old daughter. She has been vegetarian from birth, and has an allergy to dairy protien. We've recently discovered a wheat allergy also.
Her most worrying symptom is lethargy.
Other things and new treatments are present also.
The problem the doc sees is muscle wastage from lack of protien and amino acids. Now don't misunderstand here, I have been providing adequately for her, but she just won't eat ENOUGH. Her lunch box comes home untouched, she's never hungry. Two bites and she's full, any more she feels sick.
The doc thinks that this quantity issue is worsened but gut issues (not functioning or absorbing properly).
Bottom line is among other measures fish oil and organic chicken bones slow cooked to aid with quick digestion for the short term.
I think she saw the look on my face and added, just to TTHINK about this.
I said ok I'll think and that if it is what is needed I'll force myself - BUT I FEEL SO SICK TO MY STOMACH THAT THIS IS WRONG. I tried to imagine simply buying the bones and I am almost dry retching.

please I'm desperate

06-10-05, 05:08 am
Just to add that I have been veg for 17 years.

Baby Bears
06-10-05, 05:22 am
I know it must be very difficult for you to even think about cooking that sort of thing when you have been a vegetarian for so long. I'm sure the thoughts are racing in your head. However, as mothers, we have to do what we have to - no matter how disgusting it may seem - in the best interest of our children. I know the vegetarian diet has worked just fine for all sorts of people from birth, however, some people systems may need more help in the protein dept. I know there are lots of vegetarian protein choices out there, but the fact is that certain meats, and definately fish, also have other things along with that that your daughter's system obviously needs.

Find out from the doctor what it is in the fish oil/chicken that aids in digestion (besides the protein) and see if there are any vegetarian replacements out there that can do the same thing. If not, you have to do it for her. I know she is your life, my daughters are to me. I hope you can find a vegetarian solution.

Baby Bears
06-10-05, 05:29 am
Sorry for the double post.

I just did a quick google on the benefits of fish oil and fish oil and digestion. Apprently fish has OMEGA-3 and fatty acids which are essential to good health in humans. Most people don't get nearly enough. Also, fish oil is found to be beneficial in NUMEROUS areas, to include digestion. You can get fish oil caplets at GNC type stores (with the vitamins). I don't think you're going to find a vegetarian replacement for this. I've heard for years that there is something about OMEGA-3 in fish that is not found elsewhere and is very important for people to intake. Maybe give her fish oil pills, you won't have to handle fish and maybe just the fish oil will be enough without having to do the chicken thing too?!

Slap Maxwell
06-10-05, 10:37 am
Try a muti vitamin for vegitarians/vegans. You might look into appitite stimulators as well.

06-10-05, 04:03 pm
Thanks for doing that baby bears and I really appreciate your help.
Thanks also slap, I'll look into appetite stimulators and we already do the multi-vitamin thing.
I've also got to do eggs in a bigger way now so I'm off to the markets to spend the little that I have on organic stuff.