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06-09-05, 06:18 pm
My buns are litter trained and I was using the bottom of our old hamsters cage to give them a large litter box, well apparently that was not big enough for big buns butt:S...So I had extra coroplast left over from making the GP cages...Sooooo I made a bigger litter box:D I made it 2x2 and it fits in there cage perfectly...Thier cage is a 2x13 grids.....They are pretty happy with it:D

06-09-05, 06:39 pm
Cool. You must have some BIG bunnies! My bunnies have litter boxes that are about 1x1!

Slap Maxwell
06-10-05, 07:13 am
Wow- huge cage! I would love to see a picture!

06-10-05, 07:52 am
I would love to show ya a picture! But unfortunatly one of my wonderful kids who shall remain nameless:) Killed our digi cam...My son who is 3 decided that our camera would look much better shattered out in our driveway>.< I just expanded their cage to that, we have the extra room and I figured I'd give them some more room...They like their Wabaminiom:) I have to get some more grids though, I want to build them levels to get up on, that way they can look out the window...They get free range of the room too...When we get the extra money we are going to get another camera, and I will post pictures of it...

Slap Maxwell
06-10-05, 10:18 am
Oh, I know hoe you feel, when I was little I put sand in the lens of my dad's camcorder and it did not survive.

Sounds like a great plan, lucky buns!

06-10-05, 10:45 am
I love C&C cages I wish I would have known about them before I got my 2 other buns...My Ditto (who is my first bun) had a little cage, but she had free roam of the house and she used her cage as a litter box..Now all 3 buns have C&C cages, Minx and Big Bun are a bonded pair, so they share the large cage and Ditto has a 2x10 cage...And that is in my kitchen...LOL...She is my senior citizen bunster...I ahve had her for almost 9 years, I got her when she was a baby, from someone who bought one at easter and then lost interest shortly after...So I took her...And shes here forever:) Along with everyone else with fur in this house;) I swear I should have a rescue because all my pets are throw aways...I even had fish at one time that where just left in a bucket at the pet store I worked at many moons ago...People just have no sense*.*