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04-09-12, 04:30 am
hi my little brothers guinea pig is pregnant :L i know what your thinking, just another load of pigs from a unqualified breeder but it wasn't his fault. The owner miss sexed the female. So "little gin" is about 6 months old we think, healthy, happy but also pregnant. not sure how far along but seems like ages!
iv'e been keeping her in my bedroom because its quieter and this morning i woke up to see a dilute bloody stain in a unusual place in the cage. She also refused a bit of banana which is very unusual. is this puddle the mucas plug?? she isnt squeaking but also keep grinding her teeth which i think means she is stressed out about something?? what's going on ?? thanks for reading
stephen and "little gin"

04-09-12, 06:30 am
It could be one of several things, maybe serious, maybe not.

After urine has been sitting for a while, it oxidizes to a brownish/reddish color. That's perfectly normal, and nothing to worry about.

It could be the beginning of labor, and if things go well, it's nothing to worry about. BUT...

This is your pig's first pregnancy, right? She could have one very large pup that's too big for her to deliver, in which case she's in serious trouble. The fact that she's grinding her teeth can mean stress or pain, so watch her very carefully -- she may need a trip to the emergency vet.

How long has it been since she was with a male? Guinea pig gestation is 10-11 weeks, so that should give you an idea of how far along she is. Also, just before birth you can hear the pups chattering their teeth, and the mom's pelvic bones will separate.

Read www.guinealynx.info/pregnancy.html and www.guinealynx.info/labor.html for more information on what to expect.

And let us know how things go.