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04-06-12, 12:26 pm
Hello! my names Paige, im 18 years old, and my piggy's name is Batman! look at em! <3 i love him so much!


I want to thank this website for all the info they put out to help piggy owners! it helped me so much!! he was living in a small glass cage for a day and looked so miserable! so i decided to make him a 2x4 c&c cage! he loves it!! and he loves his corn as well haha <

04-06-12, 12:32 pm
Hi and welcome! What a cute little piggy! And I love his name. I'm glad the site helped you so much, and I hope we can help you more!

04-06-12, 12:36 pm
He's very cute! And welcome to the forum!

I do need to warn you, though, that corn is not good for him except as a very occasional treat. It's way too high in sugar, which can really upset his digestive tract. Corn husks and silks are fine, though, and can be fed every day. Just cut off the dry silks and the outside husks -- corn is raised with a lot of pesticides.

Here's a link you can read to find what he can eat and how often: http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet-nutrition/22156-read-me-cavy-nutrition-charts-poisonous-plants-list.html.

04-06-12, 12:41 pm
oh wow i had no clue! :( I'm glad i didn't give him anymore, i guess i should research the foods before i feed him anything else, thank you!

04-06-12, 12:42 pm
Hi there, Paige and Batman. What about a Robin? Every caped crusader needs his assistant;) He's a very gorgeous boy.

04-06-12, 12:47 pm
welcome and beautiful is batman. cute name too.

04-06-12, 03:54 pm
He is adorable!!! Welcome to the forum!!

04-06-12, 05:40 pm
Batman is a handsome little man!