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04-02-12, 08:38 am
I am new and it asked me to introduce myself-so here goes!
I recently entered the small animal world by adopting two rabbits from a rescue here in NC in January. I discovered C&C cages back in September (started researching rabbits and their care in August) and am so happy, all of the pet store cages looked so small! I do not own guinea pigs, but maybe in the future we will look into adopting some.

04-02-12, 09:15 am
Welcome to the forum!

04-03-12, 02:02 am
Welcome! A great web site for rabbits. House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide (http://www.rabbit.org)
Many member here have rabbits and are quite knowlegable. Check out the rabbit section on the forum. Many members also have posted their pictures of c&c cages for rabbits.
Looking forward to sharing with you and we love pictures.
What type of buns did you adopt?