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03-30-12, 07:23 pm
Hi Everyone,

Just finished my 2 by 4 C and C cage today. Actually, I'm trying to find information on building a lid because I have a cat and a dog. It looks as though wire shelving is the way to go, but it has to lift all the way off for easy cleaning. I built my cage with a bottom, too, because the fence design is just too unstable, you pick it up and one side torques one way and the other side torques the other. The extra panels in the bottom lend the cage rigidity and make lifting and moving it easier. I highly recommend this!

My guinea pig's name is Percy. I bought him from a pet store. He's a smooth hair marked pig with a crest or cowlick. I wasn't looking for a guinea pig at the time but I just fell in love with him! Sadly, he had watery eyes so after taking him home I decided to take him back and let the pet store's veterinarian look at him. He's been in quarantine at the store for nearly two weeks, getting medication. The reason i went ahead and bought him anyway is that I raised opossums from babies up until they were juveniles, and one of them had the same condition but it righted itself after I wiped the eyes with wet tissue.

I want Percy to have a companion so I am going to adopt another pig from a local guinea pig rescue organization called Wee Companions. I prefer the smooth haired and Abyssinian pigs. I had a long haired peruvian (all honey colored) as a teenager, beautiful spirited animal but a bit too much to manage the hair! I cannot believe how beautiful the pigs are for adoption. Where do people get them from because the pet stores don't sell pigs like that!

If anyone has any tips for me on building the lid for the 2 by 4 cage, I would appreciate it very much! Thanks,


03-30-12, 07:25 pm
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03-31-12, 03:24 am
Welcome! So glad you have found us. Would love to see a picture of Percy.
How is Percy's eyes? Is he still on medicine? Were they treating him for a URI?
Do hope all is well now. Keep us posted.

I too have cats and dogs. I used shelving from Home Depot to make lids on my cages. There is a picture on the Home page of the shelving with a cat sitting on top of it. My c&c looks like this. It is very sturdy and was easy to adjust to the grids.

04-02-12, 12:29 pm
Hi Suzilovespiggie,

Thanks for your post! Yes, they were treating him for URI. I called this morning and his eyes are all better, but he has two more days of meds left. I did see your C&C. About the only thing I can't quite make out from the pictures is whether the shelving is hinged, or just sits on top like an ordinary lid. Some people only covered half of the cage with a removable or hinged lid and this looks problematic vis a vis cleaning the coroplast box.

04-02-12, 12:53 pm
Hi Suzi,

Thanks for your post! I just called the pet store and the MOD said that Percy's eyes were all better but I have to wait two more days until he's finished up his meds. Yes, they were treating him for a URI. Yes, I did see your cage. About the only thing I can't make out from the pictures is whether or not the lids are hinged, or sit on top like a box lid. Also, can you enlighten me on the deal with the fleece? From my newbie stand point, fleece seems like a bad idea, compared with CareFresh or Yesterday's News for example:).

04-02-12, 12:56 pm
You can use the grids too. Check out my cage. It is built entirely of grids and zipties. It lifts up so I can access the cage that way. It is very strong and my cats sleep ontop of it all the time.