View Full Version : Seeing Nugget on Friday

06-07-05, 03:23 pm
I'm heading out for a bit of a drive down towards Perioa to see Nugget. I'll hopefully be bringing him home too. I got his isolation cage all set up and everything.

Slap Maxwell
06-07-05, 04:02 pm
Very cool. I hope you and him really connect, he will have a great home. Don't forget to show us pictures!

"Isolation" sounds so mean! Call it "quarintine". lol.

06-07-05, 04:40 pm
Well, the "quarintine" C&C cage is ready to go this way the boys can see their new buddy but won't be in contact with him directly. He is suppose to be getting his check up tomorrow so it'll be a short quarintine for Nugget.

Slap Maxwell
06-07-05, 04:54 pm
Acctualy you want to quarintine in a totally seperate room. From GL:

Quarantine: Quarantine any new pig you bring into your home for 2 to 3 weeks behind closed doors. Wash hands and arms well in between handling the new and the resident pig and consider changing your shirt or wearing a removable cover-up when handling the newcomer (or in case of illness, the sick pig). This will help insure the new pig does not introduce any illness or parasites to the one you already have. Consider a visit to the vet for your new cavy (read over the advice on Veterinary Care (http://guinealynx.com/healthycavy.html#vetcare) below.

06-07-05, 08:47 pm
I guess Nugget will be bunking with me then.

Emily F.
06-08-05, 08:22 am
Congrats. I hope everything works out for you. I can't wait to see pictures.

06-08-05, 03:50 pm
We're having a problem getting the meeting place set up. I'm hoping to have it all done by tonight. You just want to do one adoption and the daughter chooses then to come see her mother who has the guinea pig. Doh!

06-09-05, 02:06 pm
I have place and time set up. I'm out of here around 11 central time for a two hour trip. Wish me luck.

06-09-05, 02:27 pm
Good luck Ryan. I can't wait to hear what happens.

Slap Maxwell
06-09-05, 02:49 pm
Good luck! I hope you bring him home with you!

06-09-05, 03:07 pm
Thanks everyone.

06-10-05, 08:18 am
I'm leaving in an hour. I'll hopefully have Nugget in tow tonight when I get back.

06-10-05, 08:49 am
Good luck and hope you bring nugget home

Slap Maxwell
06-10-05, 10:13 am
Good luck! Let us know what happens right when you get back.

06-10-05, 05:33 pm
Well did you get Nugget and how did it go.