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05-30-02, 08:23 pm
I am trying to figure out how to to a grid base and I need help desperatly. Can someone give me instructions?
Thank you.

Laura Irene
05-31-02, 04:27 pm
Are you having trouble with the stability? Are you trying to connect it to the cage? You should be able to do that with connectors.

Good Luck! ;)

*~Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki~*

05-31-02, 04:58 pm
Did you look closely through the two photo albums on this page? www.cavycages.com/options.htm#gridbase (http://www.cavycages.com/options.htm#gridbase)

06-05-02, 02:35 pm
I am having trouble building the grid base too. I cannot make the connectors work right. I have pounded them with a rubber mallet, tried to use pliers and even done as the directions inside the box said to do. The pliers worked the best.....I taped a small piece of towel on the pliers so as not to scratch the plastic coating off the wire grids. But it is still not right......the corners wont go together. I was waiting for some one to answer your post, hoping that would help me too. It looks like no one is going to answer your post. Maybe some one will answer this one. Good luck !

Laura Irene
06-06-02, 04:39 am
I answered her post, but I wasn't very clear on excatly what she meant, so I didn't know how to answer it.
What brand do you have? I used the kind fromTarget and didn't have any trouble with them, but I've heard people complain that they couldn't get them to snap together. You could try using cable ties too.

*Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki*

06-06-02, 09:49 am
Thanks for your reply. I am using creative cubes cube set, from Costco. I used the cable ties to make a fence for our bunny. For this purpose this worked great, but I cannot get the cable ties to provide enough stability to use them to make the cages for my piggies.

All suggestion appreciated.

Thanks again,

06-07-02, 07:18 am
What kind of stability do you need? Lots of people use them. How are you constructing it? A photo would help. Post more descriptive details.

06-07-02, 10:49 am
I just want the connectors to work. They are "half on" in some places and it leaves un-even gaps between the grids.....I cannot get the connectors to all go completely on. The whole cage is crooked because I cannot get the connectors to go all the way on. I want to try and build a second level using the wire grids and connectors, but I know it is not going to work unless I can get the connectors all the way on. I do not have a way to post a picture, sorry. Just imagine this: a three by two cage that looks like it has been struck by a hurricane. I need to make a cover for the cage also, if I ever get that far. Thanks for trying to help me. All suggestions appreciated.


06-12-02, 01:12 pm
I also had some problems when I was originally putting together my cage. I actually took the whole thing apart and started going from one side to the other. The problem was when I was putting one side to the other and they weren't matching up right. I also bought my cubes at Target - but they just didn't like me. I did manage to get a pretty stable cage by starting from one side to the other and using a pliers to help me squeeze them together in some of the problem areas. Also - I put a base one cube length high on the bottom to put all their toys and food and things. That also gave a little more stability because I was able to put some cubes to support the bottom of the cage on the bottom. The base made me have to go back out to Target and get more cubes :) But it was worth it. It is still WAY cheaper than buying a little cage at a pet store.

Laura Irene
06-13-02, 10:10 am
This is why I don't use grid bases!

~*Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki*~

two and two
07-17-02, 12:13 pm
I had the same problem. I went a bought a Robogrip at Sear's and they were on clearance! (This tool is mentioned on the coroplast and cubes page at caveycages.) It worked great and made putting the cubes together much easier than when I was building them for shelves in my daughter's room.

07-31-02, 07:12 pm
Cable ties.. cable ties.. cable ties... I reinforce every connection when I first connect them and that has helped a TON. I squeeze the grids and connectors together by hand, use pliers to tighten them, put on the cable tie and squeeze with the pliers again.