View Full Version : Say Hi all the way from Singapore! M&M aka Milo & Mocca

03-29-12, 07:56 am
HI everyone!

this is my first time after so many years to own a pet .
Totally in love with them .
Let me introduce them to you guys.
Name Mocca
Gender Male
Breed - Sheba Mini Yak
Color - White beige black

Name Milo
Gender Female
Breed Sheba Mini yak
Color Gold white
its day 3 since i adopted them , they run with joy now , i reckon they starting to get used to the new cage , new environment and new owner =D .

i provide them a "L" shape C&C with 3x3 another side is 1.5 x 3
the design is rather simple as im trying to provide wider space for them to pop around LOL they pop(spinning?)

2344123439234382344223443 alot .

03-29-12, 08:02 am
awww they are adorable.
welcome to the forum.