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03-27-12, 03:25 pm
:) I've recently gotten two male quinea pigs! I love them! But just last week they got into a big fight that woke me up in the night and i noticed that one of them has some major hair loss on his backside legs!!!! my hearts pounding, hoping its not a disease, how can i tell if its from the other male beating him up?or not? please help me?!:sorry:

03-27-12, 04:27 pm
Is it only hair loss or are there also scratches or other injuries? It might be from the other guy pulling out his hair, but it might be something else, such as fungal or mites. How big is their cage? Do they have room to get away from each other? Some pictures of the area would be helpful.

03-27-12, 04:32 pm
Were they buddies before you got them, or you introduced them?

How old are they?

How large is the cage?

Age, cage size, and proper introductions have a lot to do with whether or not pigs will get along.

Where on his legs is the hair loss? It could be urine scale, or your other pig could be a barber, or it could be a fungus. Lots of possibilities here. A good clear picture would really help.

03-27-12, 06:28 pm
thankyou all for replying. I really think its from the other male, i've seen him nuzzle at his feet. I will try get a pic. a.s.a.p. Uhm, I couldnt tell you how old they are. They were together when i saved them. The woman said they fought but not often and recently they have been fighting alot. It's reallly worrying me. They both arnt neutered. does that have to do with anything? Very minor couple of scratches that look old. but has been scratching his bare skin, probably cuz itches :/ now how can i tell if it is mites?

03-27-12, 06:30 pm
it's a 3x2 ft cage

03-27-12, 06:40 pm
Guinea pigs are a species that I've read/heard don't change their temperament with neutering, so it shouldn't make a difference. If they are fighting more than they usually are, they could be going through guinea pig puberty or they could need more room.
I don't have boars, but I'm sure that because 3x2 ft is six feet, it's way too small for two boars (I think it's too small for two guins in general). Check out the Home page for a helpful chart.
Mites are not uncommon among guinea pigs and will also cause scratching and hair loss, a good sign is a V-shape of thinning hair on the back. Again, the pictures will be helpful. Hopefully it's not more serious than getting them some more room! :)

03-27-12, 06:52 pm
ok, i'm trying to upload pictures, comp. being a butt. Now how do they get mites?

03-27-12, 07:04 pm

03-27-12, 07:06 pm
the orange and black one"whiskey" is the other male, one i think is doing the chewing.
you can see on grey one "smokey" the balding on both sides of hips. :(

03-27-12, 07:10 pm
Just go ahead and treat them for mites. It won't hurt them, and you can do it yourself. See www.guinealynx.info/ivermectin.html for instructions, and post here if you have questions.

Mites are everywhere. A pig usually has an outbreak only when their immune system is compromised or they're stressed out by something. If they've been kept in a 3x2 cage, that's stress enough to do it.

A 3x2 cage really is way too small for any two guinea pigs, much less two boars. See the Home page of this site (button at top of this page) for cage size recommendations. That will make a lot of difference in how well they get along. The larger the cage, the less often it has to be cleaned, and the happier the pigs.

03-27-12, 07:14 pm
thankyou, what is the difference between pigs, and boars? i know now that it is a small cage, it came with the pigs. They wernt getting proper attention, or taken care of. i just feel bad now, what if im not doing any better for them? :(

03-27-12, 07:15 pm
Yes, I understand so much better now. Mites can come from other guinea pigs, and I think also things like hay and shavings. They can lay dormant for a while until the guinea is stressed and its immune system can't suppress them. They are terrible and painful but it doesn't take much to treat them. Seeing as how you got them from a woman that couldn't tell you much about them, I think you could definitely treat for mites and see if the hair loss doesn't get worse. I can't tell you really anything knowledgeable about fungal disease, I can say barbering happens and I don't know if there's a way to stop it. More room should definitely help.

Ah someone beat me to it! But I can add that a boar is a boy guinea pig and a sow is a girl guinea pig ;)

Edited by bpatters: Mites do not come from hay and shavings. Mites are pretty much everywhere, and there's no way to protect the pigs from them except to keep them as healthy as possible and treat them if they're infected.

03-27-12, 07:18 pm
on website, it doesnt really tell me how to treat for guinea pigs-where can i buy it? sorry so many questions, but its why i got on this site with you guys.. ;/

03-27-12, 07:25 pm
oh my goodness, thats what ive heard is to stay away from the shavings, and thats what woman gave me, but they love hay! :( theirs so much i want to do for these lil guys !

03-27-12, 07:25 pm
When I treated for mites, I first looked up how to do it on here through a Google search (how I found this forum) and then I went to my local feed store and bought a tube of ivermectin paste. It is originally for horses, so I had to dilute it down to guinea pig doses with water. It was only $7.50. There are directions on Guinealynx: http://www.guinealynx.info/ivermectin.html The links on the left hand side of that page tell you more.

03-27-12, 07:28 pm
Oh, I didn't mean all shavings and hay! I just mean sometimes, if it came from a place where there are mites. Keep feeding hay! I also see that you already were shown that link. You can give ivermectin orally or topically. I did it orally. Of course a good cavy savvy vet should also be able to treat.

Edited by bpatters: While it is true that ivermectin can be given orally, or topically, or by injection, not all kinds of ivermectin can be given all three ways. You cannot inject the oral ivermectin, or give the topical ivermectin orally.

03-27-12, 07:31 pm
oh i see, :) okay i'll definitely get some ivermectin and let you guys know.

03-27-12, 08:39 pm
Coco790, what I've said was wrong, so please disregard it.

03-28-12, 10:53 am
about the ivermectin?