View Full Version : Rest in peace, Rocky, and any advice?

03-25-12, 04:10 pm
Hi, i'm Emily and i'm a fifteen year old from Yorkshire, England. Today is my birthday, and my guinea pig Rocky, had to be put down because of an infection (abcess) in his neck. I am very upset, and my other guinea pig, Alfie, is now alone, and I simply don't know what to do, in case he get's upset or depressed. Some people suggest introducing him to another piggy, but I don't know how long to wait, how old the guinea pig should be, how big the cage should be, whether I should seperate them, or just leave him on his own. I really don't know what to do, because Alfie is such a happy guinea pig, and I don't want him to go into depression. Rocky was around 3-4 years old, I think, and I don't know what to do. Also another thing, my hutch is outside, and there are common garden spiders (little ones that aren't poisonous) in the hutch, and flies come in sometimes, can this harm my remaining guinea pig, Thank you.