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03-23-12, 11:19 pm
Hello, i'm Jessica from Seattle :) the proud mother of two beautiful guinea pigs (soon three). Ally is loud and spunky and Roxy is quiet and sweet. I found this website and was inspired to build them a new cage that is finished today! :D love my piggies :) here are their pics, Ally is light brown and Roxy is dark brown.

03-24-12, 02:45 am
Welcome Jesslovespigs! So glad you have found the forum. We love all things piggie and looking forward to sharing. Great pictures of your girls.

There is alot of good reads all about piggies here. Check it out. We are here for you and your piggies.

03-24-12, 08:31 am
Welcome to the forum, Your girls are beautiful and congrats on the third one. Please do post pics of your cage.

03-24-12, 08:44 am
I am also from Seattle! Being from this place automatically makes you awesome.

Your piggies are quite cute!

03-24-12, 03:29 pm
Welcome to the forum!
Your piggies are very cute! :)

03-24-12, 05:28 pm
Welcome to the forum! Thanks for the pics, your pigs are very cute. I may not be from Seattle, but I am from WA, not to far from there! :)