View Full Version : Introducing my girls....

06-05-05, 11:16 pm
Hi all - I have been reading your forum since well before we got our two girls 10 months ago. We recently (today) added a boy - rescued from someone who is recently divorced and having to get a second job - just can't care for him. His photo will be coming.

But in the meantime - I have to share my sweeties....
Lily is the tri-color and Pansy is the black & white (she does have small touches of brown)

Enjoy and thanks for all I've learned over time....Sandy

06-05-05, 11:19 pm
Aw. Are you getting him neutered so he can live with the girls? Or adopting him a buddy of his own?

06-05-05, 11:22 pm
I have a thread going about this and I've decided to neuter him and put him in with the girls. Right now I've added on to the girls cage and put a divider in the middle (all have tops - we have other animals as well). So as soon as he's recovered and able to go in, I think we'll remove the divider. That's one huge cage for those spoiled piggies!!!

Although I do have to say - I am always open to adding another pig when I run into one in need so if it's a male again in the future, who knows what sort of rooming arrangements will happen!!! My husband has been forewarned!!