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03-21-12, 08:02 pm
My name is Joanne and we live in New Brunswick, Canada. We lost one of our Bearded Dragons on Saturday. It was so unexpected, I had her to the vet on Friday and everything checked out great, but Saturday she passed away. My daughter is heartbroken. I was going to get her another dragon, but she decided the best way to ease her pain was to get not one, but two Guinea Pigs. We didn't start out with two. We bought one and then I read that it's better for them to be at least in pairs. So, off to town we went again in search of the other Guinea Pig's sister. When we picked up the sister, the first guinea pig got so excited seeing her sister she peed in the box. Had to get that cleaned up. lol Next, they snuggled up to one another. I think they are so happy being together and since they are litter mates the bond will be stronger.

The girls are really small. I don't think they are any older than 4-6 weeks. I have no idea how old they are when they are shipped to the pet store. I do know that they had just arrived. They are both dark chocolate brown and white. Sweet little angels. We named them Coco and Juliet. My daughter who will be 17 next month is in love with them. She has them in her room and they sit with her and watch tv or snooze. Because they are so young, I am hoping I will be able to litter train them. Just letting them get settled for a few days and then I will work on slowly trying to get them trained.
I don't think my daughter realized just how noisy guineas can be at night. She said she could hear them up and playing and whistling and chirping to one another all night long. At least they are happy.

Looking forward to getting a harness for them so we can take them out in our yard this summer. I am going to build them a big cage too. What kind of cages does everyone use?

Glad to be a part of this groupl

03-24-12, 03:07 am
Welcome! So glad you have found the forum and have entered into the great world of guinea pigs. Would love to see pictures of your girls.
First off in taking them outside please do not use a harness on them. They cannot be walked like a dog. They are prey animals and can frighten easily. If they try to flee with a harness on they can get badly hurt. Instead build them a pen, using grids, or you can purchase the pens from WalMart or such store. They love to be on grass and nibble and just roam about within the pen. Make sure the grass is pesticide free and that you or your daughter are in attendence when they are outside.

If you go to the home page of this website you will find all you need to build your girls a C&C cage. It stands for grids and coroplast, the two main ingrediants for a C&C cage. In the gallery is many pictures of cages that can be built. Many keep them very simple others build cages of every size, with lids, second stories. etc. Good luck in building yours. A quick suggestion, being your girls are so young and small. Your cage would need to be babyproofed.

We are here for you and your girls. Feel free to ask any questions. Many here are very knowledgable and will be glad to help you.

03-24-12, 04:16 am
congratulations on your new additions.... you are going to have fun making them a great indoor cage, as well as all the entertainment they will provide you with :)
with pet shop gp's sometimes they can be mis-sexed, so you mite need to dbl chk this. I dont know where you are from but maybe someone will be able to help if you can post pics of their nether regions lol

03-24-12, 06:10 am
Welcome! One of the reasons I love piggies so is all the little noises they make. They really are addictive!

03-24-12, 04:43 pm
Im a dope and forgot to add link to sexing lol - just thought I would add it now:
Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm)