View Full Version : Two Baby Guinea Pig Sisters - Going To Help Ease The Pain Of Loosing Our Beardie

03-21-12, 07:46 pm
My name is Joanne and we live in New Brunswick, Canada. We lost one of our Bearded Dragons on Saturday. It was so unexpected, I had her to the vet on Friday and everything checked out great, but Saturday she passed away. My daughter is heartbroken. I was going to get her another dragon, but she decided the way to ease her pain was to get not one, but two Guinea Pigs.

03-21-12, 08:14 pm
Welcome to the forum! Guinea pigs are herd animals so it's great that you're adopting two. They need friends and companionship.
Post pigtures when you get them! :)
By the way, we used to have bearded dragons, they are so pretty and friendly!