View Full Version : How to make a VERY easy double exit cozy to fit more than one piggy!

03-17-12, 05:44 pm
When I noticed my sweeties liked to share cozies I noticed one sometimes got squished behind because of the front only entrance/exit! So I came up with this easy and simple front and back cozie! I didnt machine or hand sew the one in the instruction pictures but each picture is easy to follow.

You will need:

A rectangular piece of fleece or your chosen fabric (80cm by 65cm or customize the size to suit your needs)
Filling/batting or whatever you would like to fill it with baring in mind the whole needs to be machine washable!
A needle and thread if your hand sewing or a sewing machine.
Pins to help with keeping fabric in place as you sew (optional)

1) Lay out the fabric with the longest sides horizontal to you. Now fold the fabric in half from left to right matching up the edges. Now your rectangle is the other way round:

3) Now fold it in half again from the top down, making sure to match edges!

4) Sew all layers together along the bottom seem, 1 or 2 centimeters in from the edge as shown in the picture below but do NOT sew the seems on the right hand side. So your really sewing from left to right (or right to left) NOTE: If you are familiar with sewing you can turn in these seems before sewing for a cleaner look.

5) Now open up the right hand side that you didnt sew (you should have 2 layers of fabric the whole way round creating a tube). Sew the seems on the right hand side together (you'll be sewing only 2 layers of fabric at this point) nearly the whole way round but not completely, leaving an open gap with enough space for your hand and wrist to fit into like the area shown between my thumb and first finger as you'll be pushing the filling in through here. NOTE: Again, if you are familiar with sewing you can turn in these seems before sewing for a cleaner look.

6) Now the filling can be put in! Stuff your filling in through the gap you left open. How much? thats up to you! The more filling, the more form it will have and more filling means more heat too! You can even leave it empty if you dont want your piggy's to have warmth but just need a hiding snuggle place for them. Dont forget to try and evenly spread your filling the whole way round!

7) Sew up the gap you left open and hey presto!!!

I have added some stitches here and there to tweak it as it suited me but thats all optional!

My babies love them and they fit safely inside with an exit on both side if one wants to leave!

Have fun and please post with pictures if you try this out!

03-17-12, 05:45 pm
Forgot to say, the picture of my piggy's inside shows the side with no seems! :O)))

03-17-12, 07:26 pm
cute, I tried to make a cup today (im new to sewing machine) it didnt come out too good i was praticing on some old scrubs I had lets just say i need new scissors and practice lol

03-18-12, 03:29 am
Hi! I Have made cuddle cups too and I'm good with a sewing machine but I actually sewed these by hand, they are way to simple to make! Try one, inexpensive and easy!

03-18-12, 07:45 am
Cute idea. I like it.

03-18-12, 08:33 am
Thanks Inle-rabbit! They ARE really cute and they even use them to sleep on top off if they feel a bit warm so they have a double usage too. Very easy to clean, I just shake them out, make sure there's no debris inside then throw them on a low temp wash at 30 then straight into to dryer again on a gentle dry! I never use conditioner in the wash because it limits absorbency in the fleece.

If anyone has any questions please ask...

Will add a tutorial to my Twin squared cozies too ASAP...

03-20-12, 02:39 am
Has anyone tried it out this way yet?