View Full Version : Cage ideas and costs

08-11-02, 02:00 pm
Hi everyone,
I just wanted to inform you of some cheaper ideas. First I was at Lowe's and bought a "Packet Pal", its a bin for shelving storage. It only cost $2.43 and can be used for a hay trough. I also bought a Rubbermaid Drawer Organizer for $1.97 for a food bin. I bought a packet of white wire ties to secure my cubes better. Its really strong now won't budge. Hope this helped.

08-11-02, 10:13 pm
Do you have pics? Or maybe a webpage?

08-14-02, 05:29 pm
I do have a website but I haven't updated it with my pictures yet. I'll let you know when I do. I don't get my piggies till this weekend.