View Full Version : hey im new to this and the guinea pig world

03-16-12, 11:38 pm
hey my name is melissa,
im 25 yrs old and i live in australia.
i just recently got to male guniea pig and im inlove they are now by far my fav animal. i just come on here to learn more about them and to share my love of guniea pigs with other people.
im not to sure the breeds of my guinea pigs i think one may be a rex and the other a crested,
if anyone could maybe help me figure that out it would be great

03-16-12, 11:52 pm
My name is also Melissa! :D

You sure came to the best site for guinea knowledge! Welcome welcome!

03-16-12, 11:58 pm
Hello. I am also in Australia and fairly new to GP ownership. I now have 7 :lol

03-17-12, 12:05 am
Welcome to GPC. We would love to see your piggies!

03-17-12, 12:09 am
i just posted the pics of my 2 boys in my albums, i didnt know how to post them here.
nice to meet you all, i would have a million if my partner let me!

03-17-12, 09:10 am
Welcome to the forum.

03-17-12, 09:12 am
adorable boys you have there